Can I join?
Yes, join our Discord above to get started.
What if I'm new, OR I'm really good at hockey?
We have teams from Novice -> C teams!
What is the fill-in policy?
$10 for Clubmembers. $30 for anyone else.
24 hours before the game, a sign-up sheet is posted in the #fill-ins channel on our Discord. Press the button to join the lottery. The day of the game, you'll be offered a fill-in opportunity, you'll have an hour to accept before we move onto the next person.
What is the "Heroes Division" ?
Short answer: Our 'protected' novice hockey divison!
Long answer: We are grateful enough to control our own division within our local hockey league. We do not run the league, we just have control over the rosters of each team in our division. If you're too good to play with the novices, you get promoted out of it! Great for beginners.
How do I buy a jersey?
At our store -> Store

Heroes Division Special Rules

Playoff fill-ins
We do not do fill-ins for playoff games. However, we will set-up fill-ins in the unlikely event your team is below 10 skaters.
We control the rosters for these teams. Before each season we may move players to different teams. We try to make any other adjustments before Game 5.